Dev Blog - Holiday 2022

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Hello Adventurers and season’s greetings!

Winter has arrived, and we are excited to share with you what our team has been up to during the months of November and December. From more environmental effects, PCVR & Quest comparisons, combat and AI changes, and some community shenanigans!

Things Are Looking Frosty!

In our previous Dev Blog, we shared the rain effects you’ll see when adventuring through Ilysia. Today, we look at the snow you’ll also experience when exploring our colder zones. Snow will slowly fall from the sky and, over time, will accumulate on the ground and trees.

PCVR & Meta Quest 2 - Comparison

Mobile VR is an important platform, and we are taking care to get as much as possible out of the Quest while keeping it as analogous to PCVR as possible. We are striving to really push that envelope and are enjoying the challenges and results we are seeing!

The video below is a short walk through in one of the first instanced caves that players will come across on the new Faction starting quest line.

New & Improved Interactions

⚔️__ Melee Combat__ We have improved our melee combat to be more responsive and accurate to the swing. Players can use their swords to swipe, chop, stab or lunge during combat. We have also implemented advanced shield combat allowing players to block incoming attacks and use the shield to bash their enemies.

🧠 AI We have improved our AI to be more performative and responsive. In addition, we have created new types of AI for different types of mobs. Mobs will react to the player more appropriately and assist or work with each other in combat, giving players a greater challenge!

🧩__Dungeon Puzzles__ We have added mechanics to create more interesting experiences during dungeons or encounters. Such as locked doors that require locating keys, levers, or solving a puzzle to open. Some puzzles may even require multiple players to participate in operating the mechanisms.

Out With The Old, In With The New!

We’ve updated our logo for Ilysia and to celebrate, we’ve put together a few wallpapers for you to use!

Wallpaper-smokeyredIlysia-Winter-Wallpaper2 (1)Ilysia-Snow02

Community Spotlight

Recently, our community met up in Discord for a game night and played some Gartic Phone! To no one's surprise, the mysterious can of beans returned and somehow became… sentient?!

Beans are a long-running joke in the community and even made their way into our Alpha 2 as an easter egg. Only the bravest of adventurers could take on the challenge of finding their hidden location.

If you’d like to join in for a game night with us, jump into Discord and grab the Events role so you can get notified for our next event! Check out our community-made bean art below!

Untitled Artwork"Bean Man" by Kitteh#5965

BeanMan REAL "Bean Man" by Cxntrxl#1000

ezgif-1-eb8f55128d "Bean Man" by Kitteh#5965 IMG 0806 Ilysia Fanart by nymph#7178

Happy Holidays!

We hope you enjoyed reading our monthly blog! Don't forget to wishlist us here on Steam!

From everyone here at Team 21 Studio, we want to wish you a happy holiday and hope you enjoy your time with family and loved ones. We are so grateful for everyone’s support through our development of Ilysia and we can’t wait to share even more with you in the coming weeks.

Be safe out there, and stay warm! ☃️

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